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Innovation, Inspiration and Impact

“Good Health is the Foundation of Good Education.”

Heather Harrison


Heather Harrison, Physical Education teacher at Discovery Intermediate School is helping her students connect how their fitness level can affect their time in their other classes. She said, “Kids will perform academically if they feel better, they will have less stress the more active they are.”

In her grant proposal Heather said, “I feel the benefit of my students being introduced to the concept of Heart Rate and Target Training Zones through the use of the heart rate monitors will be to motivate my students to work harder and strive to stay in their training zones during class.”

Heather noticed that students by fifth and sixth grade already wear advanced technology, she is hoping to help them understand how to use its full potential. With the help of the Goddard Education Foundation she was able to buy eight wrist worn monitors and four hand held monitors. Students take turns checking their heart rate, then they can adjust their activity level accordingly.


Chloe Smith, a fifth grader at Discovery  said, “When you run more you get all sweaty,

but you also get better grades. I like to check my heart rate and then beat my own score.”

Thank you to all the donors of the

Goddard Education Foundation.