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Don't Sit Still

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“Don’t touch my Wobble Stool!”


Like many young students of 2019, Jason benefits from alternate seating in the classroom.  He said, “The Wobble Stool makes me feel happy, it helps me not run around the room and take pencils.” Kelli Hansard’s 5th grade class at Challenger Intermediate School, jumped at the opportunity to open the boxes containing 13 Wobble Stools. Last year she only had one.

Currently Kelli only has 3 students out of 29 that opt out of alternate seating. She has used Yoga balls in the past, but they bounce and can be distracting, not to mention have trouble staying inflated after a pencil stab or two. The stools keep the student in one location and still have the benefit of motion. Kelli says she doesn’t notice movement. She has however noticed the change in some of her students. Children have incredible potential, some have incredible energy to go with it. That’s the case with Jason, since having the Wobble Stool his focus has increased, and he needs less help and motivation to get his work done independently. Jason loves making comics, we asked him to draw one up of his wobble stool and he delivered!


Thank you to all the Goddard Education Foundation

donors that are making a difference in classroom!