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Labor of Love

Innovation, Inspiration, and Impact

We care for our student’s emotional well-being as well as their education.

Counselor’s, Clubs and Comfort Kits


School counselors, Megan Alexander (@usd265-Challenger Intermediate School) and Tina Markham (@usd265-Apollo Elementary School) teamed up with the Goddard Woman’s Club to build care packages to hand out to students going through especially trying situations. Parents and students alike have expressed deep gratitude for the kindness and thoughtfulness they were shown.

Academic performance improves when students feel safe in their school and connected to staff and their school family. “Comfort Kits” made a huge impact and have been requested to continue. The $500 Goddard Education Foundation grant will help the Goddard Woman’s Club pay for some of the materials to restock the kits. GWC will match the foundation grant for 2018-19.

The 21 members of GWC are united in serving our community. They run 8 signature projects a year and make between 35-45 Comfort Kits each year. They are currently in their third year with this project.

“It really is a labor of love,” said Gail Jamison, a member of GWC and the GEF Board. “It helps counselors take good care of our students.”

As a donor of Goddard Education Foundation, you are partnering to make the lives of Goddard students better.


Thank you, Megan and Tina, for bringing this need to our attention.

It is an honor to partner with Goddard Public Schools Counselors and

the Goddard Women’s Club to help students who are facing a difficult time.

We are all stronger when we stand together.