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The Beat Goes On

Innovation, Inspiration and Impact

Practice from the head,

play from the heart.


“Music can change the world.”



A good beat can get anyone’s foot tapping. Linda Moffitt, Music teacher at Clark Davidson Elementary is confident that introducing the World Music Drumming program into the school will bring about much more than a solid rhythm.

Picture this, one class, playing in unison while they take turns one at a time making a different beat that still must work with the original! This seems hard to believe it is possible with such young students, but Linda has made it happen. She also said, “I love watching the progress with a student that is shy or lacks self-confidence.”

The students created lists of how they believe implementing drums into their curriculum has helped, here are some of the results: self-control (they cannot play out of turn), following directions, self-expressions, learn other cultures, unity, memory work, and so many more.


Without the grant and funding from the contributors of the Goddard Education Foundation, Linda would have to buy one drum at a time which would not allow for a community learning experience.

Thank you to everyone that has donated, you keep the beat alive!