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Wibble Wobble

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Hold your horses!

Do you have ants in your pants?


For most of us we grew up being told to sit still and stop horsing around.

I’m sure every teacher had their favorite idiom to get students to calm down and focus.

Teachers of 2019 have discovered a new approach. Some students simply need to move, but how do you allow this in a classroom and still achieve learning? One truly remarkable and helpful tool is the Wobble Stool. These stools allow for a student to keep steady control of their torso while at the same time they can be in motion.

Linda Oller, 5th grade teacher at Challenger Intermediate School has been teaching for 24 years. She has been determined to give her students what she herself would have benefited from as a child. She said she personally is constantly up and down, so she can identify with the students need for motion.

Linda said, “I see changes in the number of students that need a form of alternate seating and extra classroom support, the number is increasing. The Wobble Stool supplies instant gratification.”

Linda was overwhelmed with excitement to receive this grant from the Goddard Education Foundation to purchase 13 Wobble Stools for her classroom. The grant made it possible to get so many at once where beforehand she was only able to buy one a year. You can imagine the strain of determining which student got to use it for the day.


Thank you Donors, your contribution has helped with the ever-evolving nature of the classroom!