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Innovation, Inspiration and Impact


We are so grateful for how flexible our USD 265 teachers are!

Tammy Sheridan truly flexed her creative muscles with her virtual Kindergarten class this year. 

Tammy took on a virtual classroom that served all five elementary schools’ Kindergarten students. She noticed how difficult it was to keep the young students engaged in their lessons. Her solution? Tammy put together buckets of manipulatives to send home to each student. Each quarter the students come by the school and receive their new items to store them at home in their buckets. 

A student said it felt like Christmas getting their new items. They waited eagerly to see what their world class teacher put together for them. Thank you, Tammy, for thinking of ways to be innovative and help you students learn the best they can! 


Thank you to the donors of the Goddard Education Foundation for making this happen!