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Innovation, Inspiration, and Impact

Thank you, Renee Richards, Oak Street Elementary Structured Learning teacher, for being a world class educator!


Renee and her team have come together to create something truly wonderful. You have heard of small sensory tools used to help students stay focused or have a ‘brain break’, Renee has developed an entire room to help her students burn some energy, gain control of their emotions and refocus to get into the ‘ready to learn’ state. 


She said, “Sensory rooms can enhance learning through directed play, which engages different areas of the brain, leading to improved information retention that can help students be ready to learn. By completing activities in the sensory room, this can help improve students’ focus which then can have a good impact on the students’ academics in the classroom.” 

So many Goddard Public Schools lives are changed by the donations you are making to the Goddard Education Foundation. THANK YOU!