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1964 State Basketball Champions

1964 State Basketball Champions



The 1964 basketball team is the only team in Goddard Public School’s history to have won a state championship title. Not only were they memorable players, they were outstanding individuals that led successful lives in their careers, families, and beyond.

With a season record of 22 wins and 5 losses, Coach Jack Kater came away from the 1964 Basketball season extremely pleased and more than 50 years later has this to say…

“All the schools I coached at had special times, but none more than the time spent at Goddard High School. The most memorable event was winning the State Championship in 1964 by a score of 84 to 54 over Osage City. With great players led by Neil Hughes, who led the Lions in scoring. Jerry Gray was a great shooter and rebounder from under the basket. Phil Coleman, our team captain and excellent outside shooter and great passer. Marion Ogden was a terrific rebounder and shot blocker. Howard Moon was an outstanding outside shooter and excellent rebounder, he was fantastic defensive player. Earl Hughes was our sixth man and could come off the bench and play any position. Elbert DeForest could come into a game and do a great job rebounding and was amazing on defense. Ray Appelman is best remembered for hitting a basket with one second left to put the lions in the finals of the Dodge City tournament. John Ray was an excellent shooter and defensive player. Craig Sutton, Mike Keys and Richard Freeman played important roles on this great team. Goddard Lions were blessed with dedicated Assistant Coaches: Ernie Alexander, Donovan Koehn and John McKay. Our managers were Bill Mauck, Allen Goodwin and Dennis Pagenkopf, they did a great job.”