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Chris Shults

Giving Back


Chris ShultsChris Shults

Class of 1969

Chris began his education in the district at Goddard Elementary School. Chris can recall in remarkable detail the experiences that impacted his education and provided him with a foundation for a future career and lifelong success; from daily riding his bicycle nearly 8 miles on Highway 54 to school, to the teachers and athletic contests that impacted his school years.

During high school, he participated in FCA, was an All-League football player, member of the National Honor Society, and served in various leadership roles as class Treasurer and President. Chris received a football scholarship in his Sophomore year of high school to Pratt Community College, however, he ended up playing football at Friends University, and finished his Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering at Kansas State University. Chris also obtained a degree in International Accounting from the University of Arizona, pursued a Master’s Degree in Optical Engineering, and he holds a Certified Public Accountant certificate.

Despite all the academic achievements, Chris credits Mrs. Miller, his Goddard High School typing teacher for instilling in him a set of skills that would prepare him for the emerging technology age that would be at the heart of his career success. After purchasing his own Tandy PC from Radioshack in 1977, Chris transformed his typing skills into computer programming, propelling him into his career in computer technology at Bell Laboratories. He transitioned through the company in various positions and was recognized with the “Cost reduction Award” for developing efficiency in manufacturing, saving the company $14 million in annual expenses.

While 1999 would bring great rewards to Chris, it was also a time he made a decision to give back to his alma mater, driving a bus and transporting students for the Goddard public Schools. His late mother, Roma Shults, was recognized in 2019 for her service as the first female bus driver in the history of the district. Chris continues to positively impact the district a san alumnus. He takes pride in the district’s innovative programs, visiting classrooms and inspiring students to achieve their dreams.